How to overcome your fears and phobias

I am to help you to get over your fears and phobias or, at the very least, help you to make them more manageable.

I also have pages on anxiety, trauma and panic attacks. You may be surprised by this, but all are closely related. I'll explain later...

... why you are really not going ‘mad’
... what causes fears and phobias
... why your fears aren’t ‘silly’
... why you aren’t able to just ‘snap out of it’
... what you can do about your fear and/or phobia
... how to cure them

I have been a counsellor for over 23 years and in that time I have helped many hundreds of people overcome all kinds of fears.

They were suffering anything from constant and varying levels of anxiety to an absolute terror in certain situations. After treatment they were able to calm right down and stopped suffering the stress of that dreadful anticipatory anxiety.

I so hope I can help you to live your life more confidently - free from anxiety, fears and phobias.

If you are here to find information to be able to help someone you know, I trust you too will find something to pass on. At the very least you can share these pages on your favourite social network or email a link to that person so in need.

Before you move on to the next page, I just want you to know that I have written this page in British English rather than US English. Thought I'd let you know, just in case you were horrified by what appears to be some hideous spelling mistake. Actually that can still happen as English is my second language!

Oh... almost forgot - this site is in its infancy, so I hope you don't mind the 'dust'.

Wishing you the very best for your health, happiness and confidence.